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I seem to have a penant for moving to a differenty state every 5 years. I'm the mother of two (giggle giggle...I still haven't gotten use to thinking of myself as such) fabulous little girls. I once lived for shoe shopping and must now be content to look at the shoes that I would love to buy, but now take a back seat to purchasing something for my girls. I love to read, cook, decorate and redecorate, SHOP (I think thats why I have two girls), long dinners with great conversation, and your random scrabble games with free flowing wine. Anything else you need to know is trivial, but feel free to ask.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love not Fear

An old aquaintance of mine recently had her first child and was describing this constant fear that she has of doing something wrong or hurting the baby, which is typical for all FTM's (please refer to Michi's Mind for explanation of FTM)

I too remember those first few weeks questioning every little thing I did for my baby, was this right, what am I doing wrong, what can I do better? And then it dawned on me this overwhelming fear was not fear at all! Its love, pure and simple. No games or subterfuge, the instant this baby comes into your life you want whats best for them. You want to make sure you have provided them with the right amount of quality time, nutrition, education, LOVE!

So fear not FTM's out there, while the "fear" will never go ahead, this is a piece of your heart walking around out there after all; You are doing the best you can for your baby each and everyday! and they know it!


Alex said...

where was this post when I was having my panic attacks!.. Great post!


love the new layout!

Ro said...

They Know it and love you more for it!

Exes & Oh's!!

Cosign on the Love!